Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oil Blotting Papers -The List

Okay so I'm totally addicted to oil blotting papers, Abura-Tori Gami is the Japanese word for them.The history of Abura-Tori goes back a few hundred years, when it became popular with young women in society. At that time the paper was placed on top of gold and beaten with a hammer. It was soon discovered that its cleansing properties were very gentle and left the skin looking beautiful and shine free. Nowadays we have hundreds of brands that make and distribute little packs of the ancient Japanese beauty discovery yet they simply call them oil blotting papers or tissues and sometimes if they're feeling fancy they call them oil blotting linens! Well,the name really isn't that important to me but these little sheets of happiness mean alot to me so much that I actually start to feel anxiety when I begin to run out or if I don't have any in my purse,uh oh,panic! Why, you ask? Well,I used to pile on the pressed powder all day long, every couple of hours ugh, I've tried them all too...from M.A.C. to Maybelline,I've tried primers as well, many of them, all shapes, sizes, brands and prices. Never a huge difference in oil control or even a slight one and by the end of the day my face would be a mess,shiny yet flakey patches,pores exposed due to primer, or powder building up in them(I know, gross, sorry),cakey around my nose and on my chin, so I obviously had t-zone oilyness, my cheeks are dry but my forehead, nose and chin get very oily halfway through the day and I get very frustrated. It was embarrassing and looked pretty unattractive but my Mom says that's why I don't have wrinkles, nature's youth serum is uhhh...sebum? Ick! Okay well that's great but there is a way to let the natural oils stay without the face looking like an oil slick and that would be...dun dun dun... Abura Tori, yay!
So back to my story, eventually a good friend of mine who's a "natural" girl, barely wears any makeup, except for special occasions,I've always done her makeup when we've gone out at night and she wants to go from hippy to vixen because when she tries to put it on it looks like a child got into her Mom's makeup bag,no bueno! But thanks to her I discovered the papers and they changed my life! No chemicals,mattifying,non comedogenic/wont clog pores and doesn't disturb makeup,lets powder just do it's thing and stay put. My skin is so much better now too I dont need to put anything on it anymore, only if I feel like it, kinda cool, eh? Anyone who has oily skin should try these, they are even good for men, my 17 year old son grabs some from me sometimes.
So here is a list of some that I've used, I promised a friend of mine that I'd blog about it so this is a promise kept...from my favorite to just okay and/or good,but most of them do the job just fine. :) You can find all of these on ebay most of the time so prices vary, I'm just giving you the average cost, or what I remember paying for them, others are at Amazon,Sephora, Ulta,and other places that sell cosmetics,your best bet for the Japanese brands is definitely ebay.

1.Toshido Natural Facial Blotting Papers- Best price $2.99 for 200 sheets! No scent, very light,natural unbleached papers, no powder on them and comes in a white and green floral mirror case,pretty packaging,super inexpensive,can get them on ebay,from Japan so can't read the package but it's pretty self explanatory.Currently in my purse and I'm liking them alot!

2.Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues- $4 a pack. These unique, oil-absorbing two-sided blotters are made with natural rice which is much gentler for the skin compared to pulp.With added rice powder to eliminate shine and to leave skin feeling and looking smoother.The matte side (without powder) is for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the powdered side is for finishing. They have a light powdery scent and do contain parabens so if you are sensitive to parabens I wouldnt even try these.They come in in Natural,Translucent and Warm Beige,I prefer the Translucent,no color, I love these!

3.ELF OIL ERASER Absorber Blotting Tissue Papers - $5 for 50 sheets, 5pks of 50 for $16.50, that's like 5 months worth for the average user.Has a teeny bit of powder on them which is nice, not scented but has a fresh clean smell to them, hard to explain.I used these for years until I found Toshido, still would.

4.Kyoto Bath & Body- $6 for a pack of 40 sheets, a slight sandalwood scent but very faint,absolutely gorgeous packaging,one of the oldest and most traditionally made blotting papers. Made from pulp,natural.

5.Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper-$13.99 for 100 powder coated sheets. For major facial shine, they work like magic. It has a powerful oil-absorbing ingredient, Hydroxyapatite, provides the power to absorb sebum, as well as lipid peroxide.I wouldn't use them alot only needed a couple times a day, so use as needed along with basic blotters. Scent is slightly medicinal, but not offputting, does the job.

6.Kose Selecty Princess 7x Super Oil Blotting Paper- $4.95 for 80 sheets. This Japanese brand is awesome and I love these sheets when I can find them, they work great they claim to have "super sebum absorbing power, as much as 7 times stronger than a normal blotting paper" and the packaging is also really cute, doesn't really have a scent to it and they are pink sheets. I find them on ebay from time to time

7.The Body Shop Blotting Tissues TEA TREE OIL-$8 for 65 sheets Triple-action organic Community Trade tea tree oil controls oil, combats existing blemishes and prevents new ones without over-drying skin, I like to use these when my skin is acting moody.

8.NYX Cosmetics Blotting papers- $4 for 50 sheets, 100% pure organic pulp, no scent, mattifying.

9.Papier Poudre Oil Blotting Papers-Rachel 1 Booklet-$2.75 for 65 sheets, one of the first I ever tried over 20 years ago, actually contains kaolin which naturally absorbs oil, these make your skin look really good and don't interfere with makeup at all.

10.Anna Sui Oil Blotting Papers- $15-20 (depending on seller, etc) on ebay, it comes in the Black Rose carrying case w/mirror, beautiful, the refill pack is only $6.99, Purple face blotting paper with butterfly prints!! Refillable,the refill is even pretty, classic Anna Sui rose prints.Smells slightly rosey.

11.Paul & Joe Oil Blotting Face Paper-$13.00 for 100 papers/sheets in carrying case and $2.50 for refills, slightly expensive but good, basic white paper blotters, cool mirrored paisley or floral print case.

12.Watson's facial Oil Blotting paper- 3 pk(300 sheets) for $7. They are pretty good, the packaging is adorable comes in a different pastel color for each pack and they are double efficiency,both sides of each sheet are usable, so they go a long way, they arent very natural looking but do the trick and very inexpensive.

Okay, so there you go, a few that I've tried in order of happiness with them but there are so many others out there,and more that I've tried, I might post another one soon because this was just the tip of the iceberg or rather the tip of the nose...or the chin maybe...hmm okay enough with the corny dorkiness, hope this helps those of you who like me suffer from the oily bo-hunk tzone from hell.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Culinary Kicks: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars

This was so easy to make and super yummy, I also added blueberries. :) Culinary Kicks: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars

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My Playlist

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I Love Polyvore

Here's my recent set titled "Glam Rock", this is all about me lately.This site is alot of fun when bored.

Glam Rock
Glam Rock - by Wendy O. on

Thursday, January 29, 2009

By George, I Think She's Got It !!!!

I have been searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick to wear in the day time for decades now! I have the sort of coloring that looks like it would be perfect with red but I have found a few subtle issues that makes finding a red lipstick pretty difficult .My skin tone... although I am very pale I seem to have inherited the bizarro mix of pale Irish,my Mother is very freckly, with hints of my great grandmother's native american skin tone, so basically I look pink but I have a lot of warm gold to go with it, I tan well but will get freckles along with it which is confusing and even difficult for me to find a good shade of concealer. My skin is even more paler than usual right now because of my illness. I have night wear down pat at this point,don't get me wrong, I love bold, big red lips and Iam known for that but wanted something that was a bit more subdued for when I'm in a casual mellow mood that doesn't scream at people at the grocery store while buying a head of lettuce. Most red lipsticks often veer into too orange,MAC's Russian Red, purple(blue/cool) Ruby Woo & Dubonnet (which I love, but not as the perfect day time red!) or pinkey bright which makes me look like a clown, seriously bad. I used to use MAC's Viva Glam before they changed the formula then I was again on my own left to wander the streets in agony like The Hulk wearing lipsticks that didn't feel good, searching for my ideal red soulmate. Alas! I have finally discovered MAC's Hot Tahiti, it doesn't look like much on the stick, but once it is on it creates the perfect subtle sensual red.When I put it on I heard angels playing harps, an opera singer bellowing the lyrics to Madame Butterfly and witnessed birds, stars and hearts twirling around my head..okay not really but almost! It goes perfect with the Brick lipliner and it's not drying like alot of the MAC lipsticks I have because it's actually a lip glaze. Hot Tahiti is fairly pigmented for a glaze, though, it's not a matte but it's also rather buildable, it has a creamy texture to it similar to Loreal lipsticks so it could be applied very sheer if you prefer and longer lasting than a gloss from what I'm told and the vanilla smell is such a treat. I have yet to try out it's lasting power so I will have to update this after I test it out over a period of many hours, but for now Iam very excited! I was recently suggested a Chanel limited edition called London Bus Red, so I'm going to try to track that down as well. Besos!

*Image above is "Jewel In Red Lipstick" by Rolf Armstrong 1935

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli."

It had been a really long time since I had fresh authentic Italian style cannoli,the last time I had one was in D.C. about 12 years ago. I discovered that Mazara's on 30th in my hood makes them every morning and they are delicious! The regular sized cannoli are 2.99 each and the mini-cannolis are 1.99,which either way is a buge bargain and I can actually have them DELIVERED to my house any day of the week. Score-O-Rama! I ate one last night and while it was enough for my belly,they are verrry rich, my brain craved more! I'm going to have another one very soon. They are pure love.